Taking the HCG Diet Drops

Written on:May 18, 2012
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HCG diet drops are combined with a low-calorie diet to help achieve dramatic weight loss results. The rate of weight loss is generally between a half a pound to two pounds per day on the diet.

The most often recommended form of delivering HCG into your body is via HCG diet drops. The drops are tasteless (meaning they have no taste—not that they’re tacky) and generally do not even have a bad smell. Even if they did have a little flavor it wouldn’t matter because you don’t really have taste buds under your tongue, which is right where you put them.

The HCG diet drops is administered through a liquid base containing a miniscule amount of alcohol (as are many common medicines) so if you do experience any taste it will probably just be a little bitter. If you have an especially sensitive mouth, the alcohol also might feel a little tingly under your tongue with the first couple doses, but it should go away with subsequent doses.

As before mentioned, the alcohol content is very, very low. You will get no alcohol-induced side effects from the drops.

Basically, you take 15 drops (precisely) three times a day. 15 is actually a big number to count to when you have to hold up your tongue and put something under it. So, it might be best to count your 15 drops into a small cup and then put them under your tongue.

The tricky part is making sure you take them either at least 20 minutes before a meal or 20 minutes after a meal–but it sure beats getting a shot every day doesn’t it? Also, there are things you can do to help you remember each dose. Taking the drops at the same time every day will help and you can set reminders on your phone if you have a set schedule.

A good method for making sure you’ve either not eaten food or are not going to eat food for at least 20 minutes is to set a timer.

You can take your drops, set the timer for 20 minutes, and then prepare your meal as the timer is going if you prefer taking the drops before a meal. Just make sure you wait until the full 20 minutes have passed before eating—even if your food gets done sooner.

If you’d rather eat first and then take the drops, you can set the timer for 20 minutes once you’ve finished eating. If you wait longer than 20 minutes after you eat, that’s fine. 20 minutes is just the minimum amount of time given. Basically, you need to give the drops 20 minutes of time to get absorbed into your body without the added distraction of food.

Probably the last time any of us had to put something under our tongues (besides HCG) was when we were kids and were using a thermometer to see if we had a fever. Apparently, the reason that makes the underside of the tongue a good place to stick a thermometer is the same one that makes HCG drops administered under the tongue more effective.

There are lots of blood vessels and soft tissue under the tongue so it’s easier to ascertain your body temperature there as well as absorb HCG drops into your system. Neat, huh?

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