Things to do during the HCG Stabilization Phase

Written on:May 18, 2012
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The third and final phase of the hCG Diet is the Stabilization Phase. This is the three week period of the diet where you should have reached your weight loss goal and you may now stop taking your hCG drops or injections.

From here, you will gradually increase your calorie intake; you must go into a controlled-calorie meal plan of approximately 800-1000 calories. You still must avoid all sugar and starches.

Phase III may begin after any of the following circumstances:
• You have been on the maintenance phase for 21 days and you have reached your weight loss goal.
• You have been on the maintenance for 40 days.
• You have lost 34 pounds during the maintenance phase.

If your weight loss goal is more than 34 pounds; and you have not reached that during the first round, than it is advisable to proceed with another round – only after a six week break is complete.

Dr. Simeons outlines a couple of rules that you should follow during this three week phase. The first rule being that you should continue to weigh yourself daily. This will help you monitor your weight and allow you to recognize any violent changes. The second rule being that you must remain within two pounds of your weight from when you came off of the maintenance phase. This may be either two pounds over or two pounds under. The third rule is that you can not consume any sugary or starchy foods.

It is also extremely important to consume a great amount of protein during these three weeks; this will help you avoid carbohydrates and will help you to fend off HCG side effects. The purpose of the three week stabilization phase is that it takes this amount of time to determine whether or not the treatment has been effective and your weight can remain stable. This allows you time to diagnose any major fluctuations after consuming foods that you otherwise did not consume during Phase II. Carbohydrates will be your worst enemy during the stabilization phase and should be avoided no matter what. There is incredible emphasis on this and should not be disregarded. Otherwise, disappointment and weight gain is inevitable. This period of time acts as monitoring phase and adjustment phase.

The recommended way to approach the HCG stabilization phase is to count 72 hours after you take your last hCG drop or injection. You will want to continue on the VLCD during those first 72 hours. Then you may start your stabilization dieting. You will use the weight you were at on the morning of your last drop or injection as your monitor.

It’s important to remember that now that you’ve reached your goal weight, you must make a valiant effort to live a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off. Continue to eat healthy foods such as your lean meats, vegetables and fruits. This will contribute to the hardwork you’ve done and keep your weight down forever, as well as give you more energy and an overall sense of well-being.

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